How to hang up your Joki hanging nest

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1 | The right place for your Joki hanging nest

Joki hanging nests encourage sensory play and tons of fun for your little ones! But before they can get to rocking, swinging and dreaming, we need to locate the right spot for setting up your Joki hanging nest.

Setting up a Joki indoors

Many customers choose to set up their Joki hanging nest in a bedroom, living room, or play area inside the house where little ones can play, explore, and relax as they please.

Joki is a must-have for every child's room.

Setting up your Joki hanging nest indoors requires a load-bearing ceiling of solid masonry or drywall with wooden substructure (studs) to install the included suspension kit. If this is unavailable, Joki can also be attached to a sturdy load-bearing beam or from a loft bed with the required height clearance. Please be sure to check out our product height and weight requirements before installing.

If you are renting and plan to install your Joki’s included suspension kit from the ceiling or from a beam, we recommend checking with your maintenance provider before installing.


Taking Joki outdoors

If your little ones prefer to play and relax outside Joki can also be used in your yard, garden, or out on your balcony or terrace. If you will mostly be using your Joki outdoors, our recommendation is Joki Air made of weather-resistant outdoor fiber and specially designed for outdoor or indoor use.

Perfect for fresh air and sunshine: the Joki Air hanging nest.

There are many outdoor options for setting up your suspension set for Joki or Joki Air:

• Terrace roof
• Square or round beam
• Weight bearing tree branch
• Pole
• Swing frame

It is very important that you check the load-bearing capacity of any location before installing your Joki or Joki Air. If you are unsure, please consult a qualified professional.

Good to know

Suspension from ceilings and square beams is easy with Joki’s included suspension set. If you decide to hang Joki from a round beam, pole or branch, we recommend our TreeMount suspension set, which can be ordered separately from our online shop.

2 | How much space does your Joki hanging nest need?

You should always place a Joki hanging nest so that it cannot bump into walls, furniture or other objects when swinging. In addition, the ceiling/hanging point must have a height of 6‘6“ - 13‘ (2-4 m), or 7‘2“ - 13‘9“ (2.20-4.20 m) for Joki Air hanging nest.

3 | Suspending your Joki hanging nest

Installing Joki from a ceiling or a square beam

To hang your Joki from the ceiling or a weight bearing square beam you will need the included suspension set and a power drill.

The included suspension set consists of:
• 1x MultiSpot ceiling mount
• 1x rope
• 1x SmartSwivel safety swivel
• 4x screws and dowels (anchors)
• 1x paper template

How does it work? Keep scrolling for step-by-step instructions below:

  • Use the included template to mark 4 drill holes on the ceiling or beam. This will mark where your MultiSpot goes.

  • Drill the holes at the marked drill hole locations using a 8 mm drill bit or a 2-3 mm wood drill bit (17/64 Q / 11/64 K or 3/16 L drill bits).

  • If you are attaching the MultiSpot to a ceiling made of solid masonry, insert the included dowels (anchors) in the drilled holes. These should be flush with the ceiling surface. If you have drywall or wooden beams, this step is not necessary.

  • Attach the MultiSpot to the ceiling or beam using the 4 provided screws. Be sure your MultiSpot does not pull away from the ceiling and is securely fastened.

  • Knot the end of the provided rope into a loop and thread the loop through the MultiSpot. Hook the open loop on the MultiSpot hook.

  • Feed the other unknotted end of the rope through the provided openings of the SmartSwivel.

  • Set the correct hanging height with the adjustable SmartSwivel. A distance of 12“ (30 cm) between the floor and bottom of your Joki hanging nest is recommended, but sure that while in use your little one‘s feet can comfortably touch the floor.

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In the LA SIESTA Lab we explain how to hang Joki from a beam again step-by-step.

Attach your Joki hanging nest to a branch or round beam

To hang your Joki from a tree branch, we recommend our TreeMount hanging chair mounting kit. This includes:

• 1x tree strap
• 1x rope
• 1x SmartHook

You won‘t need the SmartHook for installing your Joki, so you can put it aside.

To hang your Joki from a treebranch or beam:

  • Attach the rope to the TreeMount tree harness by tying one end of the rope to the end loop of the harness. Be sure to tie a secure knot.

  • Wrap the construction of strap and rope around the branch, pulling the rope end through the other open loop and pull it tight.

  • Pass the free end of the rope through the SmartSwivel and use it to set the correct suspension height, which is approximately 12“ (30 cm) above the ground.

  • Also, make sure that your child's feet can comfortably touch the floor without the fabric piece grazing the ground.

  • Mounting on a round beam follows the same steps.

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4 | Enjoy your Joki!

With our tips for setting up your Joki, you'll be well prepared to create an oasis of fun for your kids to play and rest in no time. Have fun hanging out!