Great hammocks for a life In balance

A LA SIESTA hammock represents balance and quality of life like no other product. Our promise of a life in balance is for you, our team, our partners and our planet.

Quality & simplicity

The high quality LA SIESTA hammock changes your life in a simple way: hang it up, lie down, feel good. To make sure our products stay true to our values of quality and simplicity, we eliminate all non-essentials from our products so we can focus on increased value for you and the environment.

  • Our durable materials, high-quality workmanship, and attention to detail guarantee many years of relaxation from your hammock.

  • Our one-of-a-kind easy-to-use mounting systems make installation and everyday use a breeze. All LA SIESTA mounting solutions are compatible across our different product lines.

  • Safety first: All LA SIESTA suspension systems are tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Sustainability and fairness

As a family-owned company, the protection of our ecosystem for the next generation and fair human interaction are of particular concern to us. That's why we continuously drive innovation and optimize our production and supply chains. Together with our customers we have been working towards a better tomorrow for over 30 years

  • Colombian organic cotton hammocks: Our GOTS certification guarantees compliance with strict environmental and social criteria along the value chain by an independent organization.

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  • All wood used in our products - from spreader bars to wooden stands - carry the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) seal of approval.

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  • Our company headquarters in Germany and the processing of our Colombian product range are climate neutral: We offset unavoidable emissions through a ClimatePartner-approved reforestation project in the Colombian Amazon.

Health and balance

Jump into your hammock and into the good life - our products help you and your family find the balance in everyday life. Between rest and movement, adventure and relaxation, time together and time for yourself.

  • Our hammocks are here for you - for every phase of life and for every new perspective.

  • Hammocks and hanging chairs mean healthy, dynamic laying and sitting - confirmed by the Institute for Movement Education & Movement Research, among others.

  • Big impact for your little ones: our children's products are used in occupational therapy, speech therapy and behavioral therapy.

Mindfulness and togetherness

When you wrap yourself in the soft comfort of a LA SIESTA hammock, you quickly escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Like being in a cocoon, you'll let go of the world around you for a moment and find the peace you need. Our hammocks can also create a wonderful location for lively conversation, relaxed after work get-togethers, or squeezing in some snuggles with your little ones.

  • Welcome to the hammock family! Our hammocks are more than a product, they reflect a philosophy of life that puts community at the center.

  • Hammocks bring people of all generations together, creating moments of joy and connection for young and old.

  • Take your hammock forest bathing and experience mindfulness in nature from a new perspective.

Openness and transformation

With a LA SIESTA hammock, the world is yours - anytime, anywhere. Turn your living room into an oasis of relaxation, your terrace into an outdoor office, or the children's room into a playground full of adventure!

  • Relaxation-to-go: You can easily take our hammocks with you and hang them wherever you want.

  • Try something new: Our hammocks aren't only for outdoor use, they're also great indoor additions with their beautiful designs.

  • At LA SIESTA, we use our hanging chairs every day in meetings, workshops, or while relaxing and catching up on our emails.