Collection: Spreader Bar Hammock

Hammocks with spreader bars are visually stunning even when no one is laying in the hammock and provide a different experience as compared to classic hammocks. Perfect for sunbathers who want to catch as many rays as possible while relaxing in their hammock!

Spreader bar hammock - open and free

Spreader bar hammocks provide an open hammock feeling with their taut lying surface and are particularly popular among sunbathers as they don't create any shade. The hammock bed is stretched by two spreader bars through which the suspension cords are threaded. Spreader bar hammocks are highly decorative and can be a visual highlight when properly displayed in your garden or outdoor space. Thanks to their built-in bars, they maintain their shape when not in use, inviting relaxation right away. Spreader bar hammocks are especially popular in North America.

The Origin of the Spreader Bar Hammock

With the discovery of the Americas and the invention of the hammock, sailors no longer had to sleep on the floor but could rock themselves to sleep in a hammock. However, due to the limited space on board, it was impossible to lie diagonally in their hammock, as this took up too much space. Instead, due to the lack of space, sailors had to lie lengthwise in their hammocks. In this position, the body was surrounded by the fabric, and they could no longer look out of the hammock.

Their solution to this problem was the addition of a spreader bar, which opened up the fabric and allowed for a view outside. Among sailors, the addition of the spreader bar quickly caught on and the spreader bar hammock was born!

A Dream for Sunbathers: the Open Lying Surface

For sunbathers, the spreader bar hammock is the ideal option, as the built-in spreader bars eliminate any shade Therefore, the spreader bar hammock is particularly popular for outdoor use - for all those looking for ultimate sun exposure.

With its open fabric surface, the spreader bar hammock is also a real eye-catcher in any garden or outdoor space. Particularly in North America, the spreader bar hammock has many fans - it is considered a standard accessory for any garden or yard.

Relaxation with a view

Hammocks with spreader bars are the right choice for those who want to enjoy a view of their surroundings while relaxing. Thanks to the FSC™-certified spreader bars made of high-quality wood, it always retains its shape and does not conform to the body like traditional hammocks.

Choosing the Right Spreader Bar Hammock

There is a wide variety of spreader bar hammocks available. Therefore, it is recommended to do your research about the various advantages of the different models before purchasing a spreader bar hammock. Should a spreader bar hammock be open airy or cozy and cuddly? Should it come with a pillow? Here is a breakdown of the three types of spreader bar hammocks:

The Spreader Bar Hammock Made of Outdoor Fiber

Spreader bar hammocks made of outdoor fiber are specially designed to meet the demands of hammocks used outdoors. The Alisio spreader bar hammock made of outdoor material, manufactured in Colombia, is ideal for use in the garden or yard and dries quickly.

The Padded Spreader Bar Hammock with Pillow

Padded spreader bar hammocks like the LA SIESTA Alabama set new standards of comfort. With its cushioned and open lying surface, the kingsize Alabama spreader bar hammock offers maximum comfort in elegant colors and an integrated pillow that can be easily attached or removed.

How to hang a spreader bar hammock correctly

When hanging a spreader bar hammock, the correct ratio of distance and height of the suspension points is crucial. For the installation of our Colombian spreader bar hammocks like Alisio and Florencia, the suspension height should be approximately one-third of the suspension distance. When correctly installed, the hammock will resemble a banana shape and be able to swing freely without touching the ground when in use.

However, traditional spreader bar hammocks like our Alabama require a different ratio of suspension height to suspension distance. For a hammock of four meters (13.12 ft) in length, the suspension height should be approximately one meter (3.28 ft) or one-quarter of the suspension distance. If the hammock is shorter, less distance and height will be needed. Unlike our Colombian spreader bar hammocks, Alabama should be firmly attached so that the lying surface does not sag.

How to lay properly in a hammock with spreader bars?

Unlike traditional hammocks, it is generally recommended to position yourself lengthwise in a hammock with spreader bars. This keeps the hammock in balance and allows for comfortable lying, such as in our Alabama model.

However, the Colombian-style hammocks by LA SIESTA are designed to allow for both lengthwise and diagonal positioning, depending on your preference. The spreader bars keep the hammock's fabric open in both cases.