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Hammock Chairs are where traditional South American relaxation culture meets modern, contemporary design. Hammock chairs are perfectly suited for outdoor use in your backyard, patio, porch or pool deck but are stylish enough to be used indoors in any room of the house. 

Hammock Chair

The Hammock Chair: Swinging makes you happy

The hammock chair, also known as a hanging seat, swing chair, or hanging chair, is becoming increasingly popular as a piece of furniture that is at home in living rooms, children's rooms, and gardens alike. We offer this relaxation furniture in a variety of different styles, sizes, colors, and price ranges. Even when traveling, no one has to miss out on this indescribable comfort, as we also offer our swinging hammock chairs in a lightweight travel version for on-the-go.

The Basic Hammock Chair

Our Basic hammock chair is perfect for transforming even small spaces into big relaxation. Thanks to its compact size, it is particularly space-saving and fits perfectly into a youth room or a small garden, for example.

The Comfort Hammock Chair

Our Comfort-sized hammock chair represents maximum comfort in a compact space. Despite a spreader bar length of only 110 cm, it offers the possibility to relax both in a seated and lying position thanks to its fabric length of 180 cm. The generously sized Comfort hammock chair is available in a weather-resistant outdoor fiber specifically designed for outdoor use, or in cozy organic cotton, great in the living room.

The Kingsize hammock chair

The Kingsize hammock chair

For those who prefer even more space, the Kingsize hammock chair is just right. With a spreader bar length of 55 in, our kingsize option guarantees maximum freedom of movement. The fabric is 83 in long, making it ideal for spreading out, taller individuals, or swinging together with the little ones. This is truly a royal way to relax.

The Quality Features of a Hammock Chair

The Fabric

Will your new hammock chair be used primarily indoors or outdoors for optimal relaxation? The planned "place of use" is crucial for choosing the appropriate material so that you can select the best hammock chair for your needs to ensure longevity and comfort. The question of longevityis also important with regard to sustainable use of our resources. In terms of sustainability, our products offer the best conditions thanks to FSC®-certified wood and GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Outdoor quality for the hammock chair variety

If your hammock chair is intended to be used mostly outdoors where it is exposed to the elements, we recommend our hammock chairs made from functional fiber. This material has been specifically developed for outdoor use and is both very robust and quick-drying.

Hammock chair made of organic cotton for indoor living spaces

For a hammock chair in the living room or any other indoor space, we think our organic cotton is the perfect choice. It is the ideal solution for those who value sustainability and at the same time don't settle for anything less than the most comfortable fabric. The wonderfully soft fabric fits perfectly to your body, offering the highest level of comfort. A GOTS certificate confirms the sustainable cultivation of the organic cotton used for production.

The length of fabric

If you want to not only sit but also lie comfortably in your hammock chair, you should definitely pay attention to the length of the chair fabric. Both the Comfort and Kingsize variants from LA SIESTA offer enough length to stretch out like in a hammock and enjoy the gentle rocking while lying down, with fabric lengths of 71 in and 83 in respectively. These roomy hammock chairs can also fit perfectly in the living room.

The spreader bar

The spreader bar is the characteristic feature of a hammock chair, which opens the ends of the fabric. The wider the spreader bar of a hammock chair is, the more freedom of movement you have when relaxing. While the LA SIESTA Basic hammock chairs are designed for small spaces with a bar length of 35 in, the Comfort hammock chairs have a bar length of 43 in and the Kingsize models even have 55 in.If the spreader bar is made of high-quality materials, it not only looks nicer but is also more durable. For our LA SIESTA hammock chairs, we use bamboo wood, as it is stable and weather-resistant, has a pleasantly smooth surface, and looks elegant. Environmentally conscious people pay attention to the FSC® seal, which assures sustainable cultivation of the bamboo used in production. At LA SIESTA, all the woods we use come from ecologically and socially responsible forestry and are FSC® certified.

A comfortable hammock chair for feeling good – no matter where

Whether indoor or outdoor, in the living room or in the play room: the LA SIESTA hammock chair looks great everywhere and fits into any living space. Here are some suggestions for where this unique piece of furniture can bring more joy and relaxation into your life.

Hammock chair in the garden

A hammock chair in the garden or on the terrace is not only an absolute eye-catcher, but it will also become your new favorite spot to enjoy your great outdoors. A sturdy outdoor fiber like what we use in our weather resistant hammock chairs is recommended due to its special outdoor design. Regarding the suspension, we recommend two options: attaching it to a sturdy branch or beam using the TreeMount hammock chair suspension kit, or hanging it with a stand. A stand has the advantage of offering more flexibility in choosing the location.

Hammock chair in the living room

Hammock chairs in the living room are a popular new interior design trend that not only adds a visual highlight but also provides movement and relaxation for the whole family. Whether color-coordinated or high contrast, the design possibilities are endless thanks to the variety of designs available. For a hammock chair in the living room, a model made of wonderfully soft organic cotton is recommended, which invites you to snuggle up and relax.

Hammock chair in the children's room

A hammock chair is the perfect addition to any kid's room, providing both a comfortable seating option and a fun and relaxing swing. Your little ones and their friends won't be able to resist. It also serves as a calming retreat for your littles after a big day of play.

Travel hammock chair

If you want to relax anytime, anywhere and don't want to miss out on the comfort of your hammock chair while on the go, our practical travel model is the perfect solution. Setup and takedown is quick and easy, and the convenience of its small size and integrated carrying bag makes it a great option to take with you wherever you go. The ZunZun travel hammock chair from LA SIESTA also features a foldable spreader bar, making it even more portable.

Hanging a hammock chair

Hanging a hammock chair is different from hanging a hammock, as it requires only one attachment point. There are various ways to hang a hammock chair, depending on whether it will be used indoors or outdoors.

Hanging a hammock chair from a branch or beam

Hanging a hammock chair from a branch or beam

To hang a hammock chair on a tree branch or beam, we recommend using the TreeMount suspension kit for hammock chairs. This makes installation incredibly easy, and the extra-wide strap protects the tree bark or beam. The included SmartHook allows you to adjust the hanging height of the chair quickly and easily.

Hanging a hammock chair from the ceiling

Be it in the living room or on the balcony: with the CasaMount mounting set, the hammock chair can be conveniently attached to a ceiling. Thanks to the CasaMount's patented MultiSpot, the forces are distributed evenly over four screws. The integrated SmartHook allows a height adjustment with a simple slide of the hand.

Hammock chair with stand

A hammock chair stand offers several benefits. First, it eliminates the need for drilling holes in the ceiling of your living room or balcony, or finding a sturdy tree or post to hang the chair from. Secondly, a stand can add a stylish touch to the overall decor and showcase a hammock chair in an attractive way. And finally, with a stand, it's easy to change the position of the hammock chair and move it around to follow the sun or find your perfect spot for relaxation.

Steel Hammock Chair Frames

A steel frame for LA SIESTA hammock chairs is easy to assemble and quickly usable in any location. The powder-coated steel tubes are very sturdy, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Can a hammock chair be washed in the washing machine?

All hammock chairs from LA SIESTA can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. After removing the spreader bar and tying the hanging cords together, the chair can be washed on gentle cycle at 86F/30C. This ensures that your favorite piece of furniture stays clean and beautiful at all times.

What makes LA SIESTA hammock chairs so unique:

Top quality in unmatched design variety
The original from South America

• Robust and durable
• Made in traditional Colombian craftsmanship
• All wood used by LA SIESTA comes from ecologically and socially responsible forestry (FSC® certification)
• Our indoor models are made from organically grown and socially responsible cotton (GOTS certification)

In addition to indoor and outdoor hammock chairs, we also offer hammocks for the garden, optionally for hanging or with a stand.