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This is how relaxation works: Choose a hammock in the size and color of your choice, find a nice place to relax and dream yourself into vacation bliss.

The Hammock: A Fascinating Way of Life for All Senses

There are few things that embody the South American way of life as well as a hammock. It symbolizes the colorful diversity of the continent and is an expression of joy and relaxation. This is why traditional cotton hammocks are woven with bright and colorful stripe patterns. The versatility and easy use of hammocks make them a timeless success model that looks back on a 4000-year-old tradition.

Your Hammock Moment - finally being able to gently float above it all

Your Hammock Moment - finally being able to gently float above it all

You know it: the hammock moment. When you have left everyday life behind and only the here and now counts. Once you have experienced the relaxation created by the gentle sway, you'll know why you need your very own hammock.

Find the hammock that suits you & your lifestyle

With the vast selection of shapes, colors, designs, and sizes, it's always recommended to do your research about the benefits of certain models and the materials used, so you can find the perfect hammock for you:

The classic hammock: colorful joy and joie de vivre

The classic hammock - also known as a fabric hammock - has its roots in South America and is one of the most popular hammock models due to its timeless and authentic design, easy use, and versatility. There is hardly a location that you could not turn into a place of relaxation with just a few simple steps. Our classic hammocks are available in three sizes - "Single," "Double," and "Kingsize." The wider your classic hammock is, the more space you have to enjoy your hammock moments. By the way, did you know that South Americans swear by lying diagonally in classic hammocks? This way, your body is not enveloped by the fabric, and your back remains aligned while lying down.

The Spreader Bar Hammock: A Dream for Sun Lovers

As the name suggests, the biggest difference between a Spreader Bar Hammock and a classic hammock is the spreader bar at the end of the fabric. This spreader bar not only gives the Spreader Bar Hammock its own distinctive look, but also provides a unique open lying experience.

Thanks to its open fabric surface, this high-quality hammock is free of shade and guarantees unrestricted sunlight, which might explain why it is the most popular hammock type in North America. For maximum comfort, you can check out our Spreader Bar Hammock model with an integrated pillow.

The travel hammock: your loyal companion on every journey

The travel hammock was specially designed to optimize your travel experience with a hammock. When you want to set up your cozy sleeping place or just relax, it can be quickly hung thanks to the suspension system developed by LA SIESTA – in any spot. When your journey continues, the Colibri 3.0 hammock can be just as quickly packed back into its practical carrying bag. Made of high-quality functional fabric, it is ultra-lightweight and can literally be taken anywhere without a hassle. In the United States of America, the travel hammock is the center of the recent popular hammocking trends. Travel hammocking means: Grab your travel hammock, some snacks, your friends, and head outdoors. Chill, have fun, and become one with nature.

Hammocks for children: Kids need to relax too

Even the most energetic children need breaks to recover from playtime or learning. In addition to the positive side effects of a children's hammock on (among other things) motor development, it is valued by kids and parents as a retreat to read a children's book, listen to an exciting audio story, or simply to relax. Our children's hammock, Moki, is designet to meet the highest safety standards and is made of high-quality organic cotton. The hammock for children is TÜV-certified and carries the Tested Safety (GS) seal.

Hammocks made of (organic) cotton: incredibly soft & surprisingly durable

Our high-quality cotton hammocks are handcrafted in Colombia using traditional artisan techniques, using particularly long cotton fibers that guarantee a super soft feel. They remain lint-free, are durable, and are also very easy to care for. The selvages of our cotton hammocks are reinforced by doubling the weft threads, making them particularly tear-resistant.

Since 2014, we have been working with our partner Fatelares in Colombia to progressively and consistently prioritize sustainability and organic quality in the production of our hammock and hanging chair fabrics. Our organic cotton is subject to the strict standards of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, which ensures compliance with recognized strict environmental and social criteria throughout the entire processing chain. This guarantees that Our hammock fabric carrying the GOTS certification is made of pure cotton from organic farming.

Hammocks made of outdoor fabric: ideal for the garden

Hammocks made of high-quality outdoor fabric are specially designed for outdoor use. Outdoor hammocks meet all requirements to guarantee you wonderfully relaxing hours in your own garden. The outdoor fabric is quick-drying and very durable.

How do I properly hang my hammock?

You can hang your hammock in various ways. The classic method is to tie it between two trees. Other options include combinations of attachment to walls, ceilings, and sturdy beams. For a secure installation, we recommend using TreeMount and CasaMount attachments from LA SIESTA. The hanging height should be approximately half the distance of the hanging distance when attaching the hammock. If the hammock appears to be too short for the desired location, it can be extended at both ends with a rope. When attaching a hammock, always make sure it resembles the shape of a banana when hanging and not in use. An exception is the Alabama spreader bar hammock, which should always be taut.

Hammocks with Hammock Stands

Hammocks with Hammock Stands

A hammock with a stand offers many advantages: the perfectly coordinated combination enhances any living space, garden or conservatory with its incomparable staging of relaxation. A hammock with a stand is much more flexible as you are no longer tied to a fixed attachment point. Stands for hammocks are available in either an FSC®-certified larch wood version or a powder-coated steel version. Your hammock stand selection is firstly a matter of taste,, as all LA SIESTA hammock stands are designed for indoor and outdoor use, made from high-quality materials, and easy to maintain. If the stand for the hammock is to be assembled and disassembled frequently, a hammock stand made of powder-coated steel is recommended, which, thanks to its PlugTube system (simply slotting the tubes together until they click into place), can be set up and dismantled in no time.

What is the best way to care for my LA SIESTA hammock?

As a rule, all classic hammocks, hanging nests for children and hanging chairs - if not otherwise marked - are suitable
for gentle machine washing at 86F/30c degrees (delicate cycle).