Our Story

Almost 30 years ago, our founders, Dorothee and Alexander Grisar, began to bring hammocks and the joie de vivre of hammock culture from Latin America to Germany. LA SIESTA is now a worldwide brand that sells hammocks in many styles, specially designed hanging products, racks and fastening solutions.

"This same enthusiasm for hammocks continues unabated at LA SIESTA today.""

Dorothee Grisar, Founder

How It All Began...

On the 16th of March, 1991, our founders sold their first hammock at the Rhineland-Palatinate exhibition in Mainz. The hammock stand was a colorfully decorated steel scaffolding, where the hammocks were presented for customers to test try. In addition to the hammocks, sweaters and arts and crafts products from Latin America were initially offered.

Demand is Rising

Hammocks were something exotic in Germany and rather unknown. Many globetrotters knew hammocks from their backpack trips to South America and were glad to have found a trustworthy supplier close to home.

The World of Hammocks

Over time, not only did the enthusiasm for hammocks increase but so did interest in its origins and in the various hammock traditions throughout South America. LA SIESTA now offers a range of colorful, ethically and sustainably made hammocks from Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

From Importer to Brand

With increasing demand also came an increased emphasis on quality. In order to improve the imported products, the idea of the LA SIESTA brand was born. From that moment forward, we have designed all of our own products and have developed a longterm marketing concept with only two goals in mind: to create the world's most comfortable hammock and to educate the world about the quality of life benefits that are made possible when you just spend 15 minutes a day in a hammock.

Service & Logistics

In order to meet the high demand from our customers, we naturally had to step up our game. A warehouse with an integrated office was built in Jugenheim, Germany in 1998. It still serves as the LA SIESTA Global Headquarters to this very day.

SafeTurn - Improving the Safety of Our Products

With the invention of our SafeTurn swivel, a new safety standard for hanging chairs was established. SafeTurn makes it possible to rotate 360 degrees without tangling the suspension cords.

The Yayita - Safe Hammocks for Babies

It's never to early to start the hammock life (your best life). With the development of the Yayita, LA SIESTA brought the hammock to European babies and all those outside of the traditional cultures. This was revolutionary. Babies could now safely enjoy the gentle rocking pleasure of a hammock made just for them. Two variable reclining positions allowed the little ones to have optimal comfort during their hammock time. It has proven itself time and time again and comes highly recommended by both parents and therapists alike.

The Lounger - A Hanging Chair Hammock in XXL Format

In 2005, LA SIESTA launches the world's first hanging chair in XXL format, The Lounger Hammock Chair. With a pole width of 140 cm, a seat length of 210 cm, and unparalleled comfort, there is no other hanging chair of its kind.

Second Generation Hammockers

At the tender age of 67, Alexander Grisar left the company with a heavy heart to dedicate himself to the non-profit SOCiLA initiative. In 2008, he handed over the management of LA SIESTA to his sons Maximilian and Leonid. Three years later, Cornelius Grisar completed the trio.

Joki – The Most Comfortable Hanging Chair for Kids

With the launch of the Joki in an array of vibrant color options, LA SIESTA definitely won the hearts of children across the globe. The drop-shaped hanging nests add a bold, decorative and cheerful element to any nursery providing a perfect retreat for play and relaxation.

Rolled Instead of Folded

In 2010, the packaging of classic hammocks was converted to "Rollito". This avoids packaging waste and furthers our commitment to environmental sustainability. This packaging style is so unique it holds a worldwide copyright and is still a hallmark of the LA SIESTA hammocks brand.

The Development of Our Very Own Suspension Systems

When it comes to the suspension of hammocks, both the stability and the adjustability of the rope length play important roles. At LA SIESTA, we developed two suspension systems, MultiSpot and EasyAdjust, setting new standards for the installation of hammocks and hanging chairs.

The Colibri Travel Hammock

After 20 years of experience with classic cotton hammocks, we introduced a parachute silk variant to the market. The Colibri camping hammock combines an integrated suspension system with new standards in comfort, design and durability.

Coming to America

With an almost naturally engrained and genuine desire for sharing the hammock side of life and its many benefits, as well as the desire to meet a growing demand, Maximilian, the eldest son, moved his family to Miami, Florida and founded the subsidiary LA SIESTA Inc. They are writing a new chapter in the history of the company and spreading the hammock love throughout the US.

Fair Trade Award

In 2015, we accept the special fair trade award presented to us by the district of Mainz-Bingen, Germany. In his laudatory speech, District Administrator Klaus Schick honors LA SIESTA's commitment to sustainability, including the handling of our suppliers in India, Colombia, Brazil and Poland.

Guinness World Record for Chilling in Hammocks

Together with MainzPlus and 269 volunteer participants, we set the Guinness Book World Record for the most people hanging out in hammocks at once on July 31, 2016. The world record was set using a specially designed, limited edition red hammock created with the Mainz coat of arms. It is the first record of it’s kind and remains unbroken.

Aniversario, the Anniversary Hammock - 25 Years of LA SIESTA

For the 25th anniversary of the company, we release the Aniversario, the first hammock from our own organic plant in Colombia. The striped pattern is inspired by typical Colombian hats, the sombreros vueltaios.

Smart and tree-friendly

The new generation of suspension systems is born in close cooperation with ITM Kunststofftechnik in Bad Kreuznach. Thanks to angled screw guidance, the improved MultiSpots can now also be mounted on drywalls; all tree suspension sets now have bark-friendly straps.

The new favorite in kids’ bedrooms

The Moki kids’ hammock was developed together with occupational therapists and sets new standards in design, safety and the promotion of child development. Daycare and therapy centers swear by the “little sister” of the Joki hanging nest, which was awarded the ergonomic quality seal by the independent Institute for Health and Ergonomics e.V. (IGR).

Find your Spot

The ZunZun is a world first that offers unprecedented mobility thanks to its foldable spreader bar and small packing size. In a few simple steps, this small and ultra-light travel hammock chair turns any spot into your very own oasis of relaxation.

The hammock chair revolution

Our new generation of hammock chairs makes you feel like you’re floating on air thanks to 360° swivel. All sizes are available, so you can decide whether to relax by sitting or reclining. The Domingo is our weather-resistant outdoor all-rounder, while the Habana embodies LA SIESTA’s corporate values with its traditionally woven cloth surface of organic cotton and an FSC-certified spreader bar.

Quality seal “Movement Innovation”

LA SIESTA’s kids’ products, hammock chairs and travel products have been awarded the quality seal “Movement Innovation” by the Institute for Movement Education and Movement Research (InBuB) established by Prof. Dr. Harald Lange.

Climate-neutral relaxation

Our hammocks and hammock chairs produced in Colombia, as well as our company headquarters in Jugenheim, are officially certified as climate-neutral by ClimatePartner.

Moving sustainably into the future

With the release of our first sustainability report, we are proud to have laid the foundation for our continued development as an environmentally and socially-responsible organization.