Collection: Classic Hammock

There's a good reason why millions of people across the world sleep in this kind of hammock every night. Classic hammocks provide unparalleled comfort and a feeling of total weightlessness. Explore our collection of organic cotton and weather-resistant, fade-proof hammocks to find the one that's perfect for you.

Classic Hammock

The Classic Hammock: A Timeless Design Steeped in Tradition

The classic hammock offers a timeless design that looks back on more than 4,000 years of history. Simplicity and versatility make the hammock a reliable item that has been used by humans for centuries. Using a hammock facilitates a relaxed attitude to life.

South American Roots

South American Roots

You will find hammocks everywhere in South America. They are an integral part of the culture. And it is from here that the hammock has spread throughout the world - hammocks are loved and used on every continent. There is hardly a place that could not be turned into a spa oasis with a hammock.

LA SIESTA also has its roots in South American hammocks: They are the cornerstone of our company history and are still an important part of our product range. Our love for the hammock and its culture is at the forefront of everything we do at LA SIESTA.

South American Hammocks: Colorful and Comfortable

Hammocks from South America encapsulate the continent’s joie de vivre and its colorful diversity. This is expressed in the color-filled and bright stripe patterns of traditional hammocks. For this reason, our hammocks from Brazil and Colombia are the colorful stars in LA SIESTA's assortment and it would be indispensable there.

The Importance of Comfort When It Comes to Relaxation

Hammocks are all about comfort, so how you hang your hammock, and also how you lay in your hammock, are key. Although there are no rules (that would go against the entire laid-back hammock philosophy), allow us to offer you a tip: Lying diagonally in hammocks ensures that your back is straight and prevents your spine from being in an uncomfortable, curved position. Plus this way, the cloth of the hammock is beautifully spread out instead of wrapping around you (which is great if you want to feel like you're in a cocoon, but not so great if you want to look up at the sky and trees).

How to Hang a Classic South American Hammock

How to Hang a Classic South American Hammock

There’s no need to worry—it’s incredibly simple. Just keep in mind this one rule of thumb: the suspension height (the height of your anchor points) should equal about half the length.

But don’t classic hammocks need to have a certain “sag” in order to be most comfortable? Yes, they do, and it's pretty easy to remember: the shape of your hammock should resemble a banana or a smile. 

Do I Need a Hammock Stand?

A hammock stand offers two main benefits: it eliminates the need to find hanging options such as walls, branches or beams that are load-bearing and properly spaced apart; but more importantly, a hammock frame offers the possibility to easily move the location of your hammock. With a stand for a hammock, you can easily move your hammock around the backyard, garden or pool deck. Move it into the sun (if you want to sunbathe) or for into shade (if it’s too hot out and you need to cool down). The possibilities are endless!

If you buy a hammock stand from LA SIESTA, rest assured that you’re choosing the no hassle, worry-free option for setting up your hammock. All our stands for hammocks are equipped with an integrated and easy to use suspension system.

Spreader Bar Hammocks & Camping Hammocks: Alternatives to the Classic Hammock

Looking for options? Check out our other hammock designs. Hammocks with a spreader bar feature an open and flat reclining surface–visually impressive and great for sunbathing. Camping hammocks are lightweight, pack small, and come with an integrated suspension system–making them the perfect hammock for travelers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts, allowing you to enjoy the Hammock Side of Life wherever you go.