Refresh & Reboot: LA SIESTA at the Collab Summit 2024

Refresh & Reboot: LA SIESTA at the Collab Summit 2024

In a world that is moving faster and faster, it is important to take a break and relax – especially when working in a dynamic industry like IT. For this year's Collab Summit, the largest conference for Microsoft365, Teams, and Power Platform in Europe, we at LA SIESTA have come up with something very special to ensure relaxation right in the middle of the action.

Between lines of code and coffee breaks

The renowned IT congress is a highlight in the calendar of many tech enthusiasts and this year attracted around 3000 professionals to the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. Between top-notch workshops, lectures, and panel discussions, participants could take a seat in our specially designed "Relax & Talk" area, where 27 of our brand-new Udine hammock chairs awaited them. This gave visitors the opportunity to lean back, take a breath, and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

The LA SIESTA team set up 27 hammock chairs in the RheinMain CongressCenter.

Relaxing becomes an event

The "Relax & Talk" area quickly resonated with participants and became the hotspot of the event. No wonder, because Udine is perfect for events thanks to its flexibility. The lightweight compact frame can be moved at any time. Whether you retreat to a quiet corner to close your eyes for a moment or take time to reflect on your experiences with others – Udine adapts to every situation. If you wish, you can even slide back and relax lying down in the hammock chair.

LA SIESTA hammock chairs at CollabSummit 2024

The offer to relax was enthusiastically received at the CollabSummit.

Relaxation is key: Mustafa Toroman on the event

Mustafa Toroman, CTO of and primarily responsible for organizing the Collab Summit, confirms the importance of relaxation at long events:

"When organizing such a comprehensive event as the Collab Summit, which practically lasts over 12 hours, it is crucial to create a place of relaxation. A place where you can simply lean back, breathe, and recharge your batteries. That is why we are extremely grateful to have LA SIESTA as our relaxation partner with their amazing hammock chairs by our side. They offer the perfect way to take a short break, refocus, and then continue with fresh energy to fully enjoy the day."

The Relax & Talk area at the Collab Summit was a swinging success.

Chill-Out Code: Continue relaxing at home

We at LA SIESTA were particularly pleased to be part of the Collab Summit and to ensure the perfect balance between innovation and relaxation. To allow all participants to take a piece of relaxation into their daily lives, we offered a 10% discount code for our online shop at the event, which we also want to share with you. Simply use the code "Relaxation" when placing your order and bring your personal oasis of peace home or to the office with Udine! This will ensure that your next development sprint becomes a feel-good event. 😎

A post by Elena Gaber

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