Occupational therapy with hammock: interview with Jörg Golombeck

Occupational therapy with hammock: interview with Jörg Golombeck

Occupational therapist Jörg Golombeck has been using hammocks in his practices in Breisach and Heitersheim for years. In an interview, he reveals why they are indispensable for him and what makes a good therapy hammock.

Mr. Golombeck, why is a hammock important for occupational therapy?

The hammock is a basic piece of equipment that, in my view, belongs in every practice and every treatment with children. It is an easy-to-use aid that achieves a very therapeutic effect.


Can you explain the therapy effect in more detail?

With a hammock, I can get a child moving and stimulate their vestibular system. The muscles, especially in the neck and throat area, are strengthened and trained in a playful way. The Moki is more or less a gym for children.

Jörg Golombeck facilitates a therapy exercise using the Moki Max.


Why do you use LA SIESTA hammocks?

During my job, I have dealt a lot with hammocks and of course I look for quality. I came across LA SIESTA because their products convinced me the most. The hammocks have lasted me ten years and more.


What makes the Moki the ideal therapy hammock for you?

Its padding allows children to stay in the prone position much longer and more comfortably. This provides a more intensive and effective therapy application. The absence of suspension cords minimizes the risk of injury.

The production from organic cotton is also important for me, because the feel and smell are a decisive entry factor in the therapy. Seals of approval like the IGR's make my purchasing decision easier. If an independent body has checked that the product meets my requirements, that gives me peace of mind.

To be able to concentrate on the therapeutic exercises, children need to feel safe and secure.


How do children experience therapy in the Moki?

Rocking or swaying triggers happiness hormones, provides independence of play, and gives a feeling of weightlessness. They experience a feeling of being held and being able let go of themselves. In addition, they have great fun doing it and therefore try things that they would otherwise avoid. The children even want to do the exercises longer because they enjoy it so much.

Empfehlen Sie auch den therapeutischen Einsatz von Hängematten zuhause?

Yes. Parents get the opportunity to do therapeutic exercises with their child at home. I wish that every household with children had a safe and good hammock to allow them to open a complex world of movement. This is my vision.


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