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How the New York Toy Fair revolutionized our suspension sets

How the New York Toy Fair revolutionized our suspension sets

It has been five years since Maximilian Grisar, the managing director of our US operations, presented our hammocks and hammock chairs on one of the biggest stages in the world: the New York Toy Fair. As great as the enthusiasm of the North Americans was for the variety of colors and materials of our products, the question constantly came up as to  whether our patented hanging solutions can also be attached to the typical American drywall construction.

"I was initially overwhelmed by the question," admits Maximilian Grisar: "In the course of the trade fair, I learned that it was simply not possible. That's when the idea for the CasaMount, a suspension solution for all common wall types, was born."


The problem with drywall: The screws run past the wooden beam. A stable installation is just not possible.


In order to also be able to better serve the American market, work on the CasaMount began in 2015 in close cooperation with ITM Kunststofftechnik in Bad Kreuznach. In addition to the specific requirement of being able to be stably attached to drywall, our claim to process only materials of the best quality was also taken into account.

The wooden beams in a typical drywall are relatively narrow, so the screws of a reliable fastening set would run past the sides. They are also relatively far apart. One approach was to bridge this gap with a wooden board and install the fastening set on top.

An early design: with the help of a wooden board the distance is bridged between the two beams.


As well as this initial design worked, we were not satisfied with the bulky installation. Jean-Christophe Meillan (LA SIESTA product developer) came up with the simple yet smart idea of developing a MultiSpot that uses four screws instead of three. The side screws can then be attached in two ways. For drywall, they can be screwed into the wooden beam at an angle - for all other wall types, straight into the wall.

Die Lösung: Die angewinkelte Schraubenführung des CasaMounts ermöglicht eine stabile und sichere Aufhängung bei Trockenbauwänden.The solution: The angled screw guide of the CasaMount enables stable and secure suspension on drywall.

The newly developed four screw MultiSpot passed all stress tests and went into production in January 2019. Since then, the CasaMount sets for hammocks and hammock chairs have been officially part of our available products. They carry the TÜV seal of approval since April 2019. "With the CasaMount, we have invented a product that offers maximum flexibility and ease of use in a simple and practical way - for everyone around the world, outdoors and indoors, no matter how their homes are built - that makes us proud!" says Jean-Christophe Meillan.


This is how the CasaMount works:

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