Three steps to the ideal hammock for your garden

Three steps to the ideal hammock for your garden

As soon as the days start getting longer, you can feel it in your fingertips: Gardening season is here. Some of you are not only wondering which vegetables to plant first, but also which hammock is the right one for you and your garden.

While we can't necessarily answer the first question for you (even though some of us here at LA SIESTA have a real green thumb), when it comes to answering the second question, you can trust our unlimited hammock expertise!

Our garden guide to the right hammock for you:


1. Which type of hammock suits you best?

For your garden you can choose a hammock, spreader bar hammock or hammock chair (or all three if you have the space and hate decision making...).

Hammock types

There is hardly a garden that can't be transformed into a feel-good oasis with a classic hammock (without spreader bars). Of course, it's easy if you can hang your hammock between two trees. However, if you don't have the perfect hammocking trees, you don't have to give up your hanging happiness. You can also hang your hammock with a hammock stand on the lawn, or from the posts on the balcony or veranda. We have prepared for all of your hammock hanging possibilities, and have developed the perfect suspension options for you.

By the way, the hammock will offer you the greatest comfort if it is hung in the form of a banana and you lie in it diagonally. The fabric of the hammock is nicely spread out in this way, giving your back, tired from gardening, the perfect support.

Discover all our classic hammocks

Hammock without spreader barBottom Line: Maximum comfort, tried and tested for more than 4000 years.

Now for the true diva among hammocks, the spreader bar hammock. Stretched out, it always looks decorative and inviting, the upholstered versions with their open hammock bed offer a similar comfort to a mattress - only floating. It's particularly suitable for sipping cocktails, sunbathing, and making your neighbors jealous.
Spreader bar hammocks are best hung a little tighter than classic hammocks. This means you need a bit more space than for a classic hammock.

Here you can find all our spreader bar hammocks

LA SIESTA spreader bar hammock
Bottom Line: Get that open feeling and visual stunner for hours of outdoor relaxation.

But what can you do if you aren't lucky enough to have a large outdoor space (or outdoor space at all?) Then we recommend a space saving option, our hammock chairs! Even faster and easier to hang than a traditional hammock (whether directly in a tree, from a pergola or in a stand), lack of space is no longer a reason to give up on living the hammock life! In a hammock chair you sit more upright - ideal for reading the newspaper or drinking a cappuccino!

All our hammock chairs

LA SIESTA hammock chair

Bottom line: Space-saving and flexible


2. What material should your hammock or hammock chair be made of?

At LA SIESTA we offer two different material options. Our current hammock products are available in outdoor fabric or organic cotton.

The outdoor fabric is recommended to those who don't see themselves putting away their hammock every evening after a relaxing glass of wine on the veranda. No worries with this option, because these products can withstand quite a bit of wind and weather and are quickly to dry. Even those who like to take a spontaneous break in their hammock and keep theirs hanging out for the whole garden season are well advised to use this material. Our outdoor products

LA SIESTA outdoor hammock

Bottom Line: Easy breezy comfort no matter the weather.

Our organic cotton products, on the other hand, fit perfectly into the nature-oriented garden. Everyone for whom sustainability and environmental awareness are top priorities can sit back in these products with a clear conscience. Organic cotton products are also incredibly soft, skin-friendly and cuddly, so you can comfortably spend hours in them counting clouds, butterflies or sheep.

To preserve the longevity of these products, it is recommended to bring the hammock inside or store it when not in use.

Our collection of organic cotton

LA SIESTA organic hammock

Bottom line: Sustainability meets incredible comfort


3. What size do I need?

The question may surprise you, but not all hammocks are the same size! The size of your hammock plays a crucial role when it comes to whether you prefer to spend time in your hammock alone, together, with the whole family, or with a furry friend. That's why our hammocks come in three different sizes: Single, Double and Kingsize.

For the classic hammock, we recommend the single size whenever you are looking for a space-saving solution. In the double hammock there is enough space for two people or for taller people (>175cm). If you are relaxing alone, you have more freedom of movement and relaxation. The king size hammock offers you and your hammock guests the most space and comfort.

The same applies to spreader bar hammocks, note here only that getting in and out should be well coordinated in pairs... We advise Families with children check out a classic kingsize hammock, which may well be a little more stable for your wild ones.
Another advantage of classic hammocks: Machine Washable! While a spreader bar hammock requires hand washing due to its spreader bars.

For hammock chairs, the wider the spreader bar, the more freedom and comfort you have when relaxing. If you not only want to sit in your hammock chair, but also lie in it like in a hammock, you should pay attention to the length of the fabric. Both our Comfort and Kingsize hammock chairs allow this and are therefore ideal for spreading out and taller people. Swinging together with your family is also especially fun in it! But even with little space, for example on the balcony, you do not have to do without the joy of a hammock chair. A hammock chair in Basic size is quite capable of providing the same amount of inner balance and quiet moments as our larger sizes.


LA SIESTA kingsize hammock chair

Bottom line: The bigger, the comfier!


Insider tip: Our outdoor hanging nest Joki Air for kids is a great addition if you need your hammock for yourself ;)

LA SIESTA outdoor hanging nest

We hope we were able to help you - see you in the garden!

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