6 Reasons Why Christmas Is the Perfect Time for a Hammock Chair

6 Reasons Why Christmas Is the Perfect Time for a Hammock Chair

Christmas is just around the corner, bringing with it the most wonderful time of the year. Finally, we can once again open a door on our advent calendar every day, delight in the festively decorated windows, and the wafting scent of heavenly-scented cookies. Surely, you also have an idea of your perfect Christmas celebration and are looking forward to the visit of your loved ones, the festive Christmas meals, and gifts that come from the heart. Yet, there's a small detail that can make the holiday even more beautiful and might not have crossed your mind until now: a cozy hammock chair. If you're now wondering what hammock chairs have to do with Christmas, keep reading – we'll reveal it to you.

1.Christmas has never been more beautiful

Don't we all love to see our home in a new light? During Christmas, it's especially enjoyable to decorate our living spaces with fairy lights, candles, and pine trees. Nothing complements a festively decorated living room better than a hammock chair in your favorite color. It adds an extra dose of coziness to any room and captures everyone's attention.

Our tip: The wooden bars of your hammock chair are perfect for hanging decorations. How about crafting your own Christmas stars and attaching them to the bar with a string? Or wrapping it with fairy lights to create an exceptional ambiance. Of course, you can also hang Christmas ornaments, stockings, or small gifts – there are no limits to how creative you can be!

A hammock chair can be wonderfully decorated for the holiday.

2. Christmas has never been more beautiful

For many people, Christmas is also the most demanding time of the year. Between cooking, gifts, and work obligations, things can get a bit hectic. That's why it's even more important to ensure time for relaxation. And what could be more fitting than a cozy snuggle session in a hammock chair? With dimmed lights and candlelight, a soothing ambiance takes over, allowing you to simply enjoy the tranquility. The gentle rocking calms both body and soul, helping you disconnect from the everyday hustle. Of course, a hammock chair is also the perfect spot for a Christmas TV marathon or a cozy moment with your favorite book. Add in a delicious hot beverage and some gingerbread cookies – what more could you ask for?

By the way, a hammock chair is also the most delightful spot for a joyful gift exchange.

Just take a moment to unwind and enjoy Christmas in your hammock chair.

3. A Celebration for the Whole Family

Christmas is finally a time for the important things in life. Family members of all ages come together to enjoy precious hours that are often too short in the hustle of daily life. And to ensure you don't have to miss out on your loved ones even while lounging, our Kingsize hammock chairs are spacious enough for the whole family to gather. Whether it's playing with the little ones, cuddling with your significant other, or goofing around with friends – anything goes. Kids can let their imagination run wild in a hammock chair: they pretend to be butterflies emerging from a cocoon or get rocked by mom and dad as if they're on a pirate ship. With a new hammock chair, boredom is guaranteed not to be a part of your holiday season!

4. Me Time

Despite the joy of being together during the holiday season, there are moments on festive days when we crave some time alone. Fortunately, a hammock chair is tailor-made for taking a step back from the Christmas rush. You can simply wrap yourself in the soft fabric, mentally escape the chaos, and relish the current moment. Meditation and a few relaxation exercises also work wonders. And when you're ready for some action again, your family is just a stone's throw away, undoubtedly eager for the next adventure in the hammock chair.

Taking time for yourself doesn't fall short during Christmas in your hammock chair.

5. Heavenly Siesta

What's just as important as taking time for yourself and your family during Christmas? Of course, it's the food! Alongside delicious dishes like roast goose or stuffed turkey, we also indulge in treats like cookies, gingerbread, or chocolate chip cookies. After so many delectable delights, you might find yourself craving a little siesta. And that's where a Kingsize hammock chair truly shines, as you can stretch your legs out completely on its generous reclining surface. The gentle rocking motion of the hammock also makes falling asleep easier, transporting you straight into dreamland.

Did you know? According to insights from Swiss neuroscientists, some individuals experience an especially deep sleep in a hammock or hammock chair.¹ Moreover, sleep in a hammock tends to be quieter as there's relatively little tossing and turning – the perfect conditions for a heavenly siesta!

After a Christmas meal, a midday nap in the hammock chair is most welcome.

6. Always in Motion

Exercise and physical activity often take a backseat during Christmas. And that's perfectly fine – after all, during the festive season, we want to indulge in pleasures and not worry about hitting the gym. Nevertheless, a bit of movement is beneficial even on holidays. With a hammock chair, you don't even have to make an effort: the gentle swaying ensures you're always in motion, and the fabric's flexibility perfectly adapts to your back. This prevents the aches and pains that often arise from prolonged sitting in the same position.


After reading this article, do you feel like having a cozy Christmas celebration in a hammock chair? Then you should definitely check out our Habana hammock chair – with a wide range of colors available, you'll find the perfect highlight for your festive living room. If you're still on the hunt for gifts, Habana also makes a fantastic addition beneath the Christmas tree.


A post by: Elena Gaber


¹ "Rocking synchronizes brain waves during a short nap", Sophie Schwartz et al. (2011); Current Biology, 21 (12), R461-R462

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