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CasaMount Black - Multipurpose Suspension Set for Hammock Chairs

CasaMount Black - Multipurpose Suspension Set for Hammock Chairs

Hanging a hammock chair has never been easier: CasaMount is our patented universal solution for easy suspension from ceilings and square beams. Thanks to our included SmartHook the height of your hammock chair can be adjusted easily with the slide of a rope.

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  • Designed for universal use

    Whether your LA SIESTA hammock chair is Basic, Comfort, or Kingsize - with CasaMount you’ll be hanging out in your hammock chair in no time!

  • The ultimate multitasker

    The patented MultiSpot is quickly attached to solid masonry substrates (concrete surfaces), drywall with wood substructures (studs) or to wooden beams. Thanks to it‘s built in hooking function, you can quickly hook and unhook your hammock chair in no time.

  • Clever & capable

    With the help of the patented SmartHook suspension height can be adjusted quickly and easily. Thanks to the fiberglass design the Smarthook is strong, stable, and weather-resitant.

  • German quality and design

    Developed by LA SIESTA in Germany. We pride ourselves in only using high quality materials and the best quality workmanship.

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  • Multi-purpose suspension for all types of hammock chairs

    The Jack-of-all-trades: With CasaMount any type of hammock chair can be attached to any common ceiling types.

  • Weather & UV resistant

    UV radiation and bad weather can‘t touch the CasaMount. The high-quality material stands up to weather conditions and is great for outdoor use.

  • Patented MultiSpot

    The patented MultiSpot with hook-in function makes it easy to put up and take down your hammock in seconds. The four-screw design ensures a secure and stable hold.

  • Patented SmartHook

    With the help of our patented SmartHook made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, rope length can be adjusted effortlessly and your hammock chair can be set up or taken down in seconds.

  • Quality made in Germany

    Proudly developed by LA SIESTA and produced in Germany.

  • TÜV- Rheinland certified safety

    All of our suspension systems meet the highest safety standards confirmed by the German institute for safety testing known as TÜV-Rheinland.

Product Details

  • Carrying capacity: 355 lbs
  • Rope: 9 ft 10 in | Ø 0.28 in
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Material description: hook: polyamide (glass fiber reinforced) | rope: 100% polyester
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  • Help & Videos

  • Where can I mount my hammock chair with CasaMount?

    Before you install your new CasaMount consider where you want your hammock chair to hang. Make sure the spreader bar of the hammock chair won‘t come into contact with anything while swinging/rotating.

  • What do I need to know before installing my CasaMount for hammock chairs?

    CasaMount is suitable for hammock chair use with wooden beams, drywall with studs, and solid masonry (concrete).

    CasaMount was designed with safety in mind- which is why it is mounted with four screws to provide extra stability.

    For solid masonry (concrete), the provided screw dowels/anchors need to be used for installation. Be sure to review the provided installation guide before getting started for a step by step guide.

  • How to attach your hanging chair to a concrete ceiling with the CasaMount suspension set

    Today in the LA SIESTA Lab we explain how to easily attach a hanging chair to a concrete ceiling with the CasaMount suspension set!