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The Hammock: A Way of Life

It isn’t very often that piece of furniture can change your quality of life in a meaningful way, but that’s exactly what a hammock will do for you. Nothing embodies the South American zest for life quite like a hammock. It perfectly captures the continent’s colorful diversity and laid-back, relaxed attitude. This is why traditional hammocks are woven with vivid and color-filled stripe patterns. Hammocks today, their utility, versatility and simplicity all look back on a 4000-year tradition.

Your Hammock Moment

Anyone who has ever slept in a hammock knows the feeling well: the hammock moment. It’s that moment when the stress of everyday life is washed away and all that matters in this world is the here and now. You find yourself living truly in the moment and feeling deeply relaxed.

Dein persönlicher Hängematten-Moment

Find the Hammock That's Perfect for You!

LA SIESTA hammocks and hanging chairs come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics. We pride ourselves on making a hammock for everyone out there—adult or kid, big or small, indoor or outdoor. Browse our collection of organic, cotton, and weather-resistant hammocks in all styles—including Colombian hammocks, Brazilian hammocks, spreader bar hammocks, camping hammocks and kids hammocks—and find the hammock that's absolutely perfect for YOU!

The Classic Hammock: Considered the Most Comfortable Hammock—Indoor or Outdoor

The classic hammock - also called a cloth hammock - has its roots in South America. Its timeless design, simplicity, and versatility make it the most popular hammock style. You won’t believe how easy it is to use, or how comfortable it feels when you lay in it. Set up anywhere and enjoy.

It is available in our three sizes "single", "double" and "king size". The wider the classic hammock is, the more space you will ultimately have to enjoy your hammock moments. By the way: Did you know that the correct and most comfortable way to lie in a classic hammock is diagonally? Laying this way avoids uncomfortable pressure points and gives you more even weight distribution.

Spreader Bar Hammock: A New North American Backyard Tradition 

As the name suggests, the biggest difference with these hammocks, compared to a classic hammock, is that it's a hammock with spreader bars or rods at the ends. This rod gives the spreader bar hammock its own distinct look and keeps the bed (or laying area) taught and spread out even when no one is lying in the hammock. This distinction makes a spreader bar hammock the perfect, visually appealing accent pieces for any backyard, garden, patio or pool deck. 

Camping Hammock: The Colibri is Your Faithful Travel Companion

The travel hammock is specially designed to maximize your travel experience. If you want to set up a cozy sleeping place while on the go or simply relax, it can be hung up quickly and at any spot, thanks to the EasyAdjust fastening system developed by LA SIESTA. Back on the move? Our travel hammock, the Colibrí, can just as easily be stowed away back in its practical packsack. Thanks to its high-quality functional fabric, it is ultra light. Take it anywhere and everywhere!

Travel Hammocks are at the heart of the popular Hammocking movement. Hammocking means to grab your travel hammock, some provisions, your friends and off to the outside. Chill out, slow down and become one with nature.

Die Reisehängematte Colibri ist dein Begleiter auf Reisen

Kids Hammocks & Hanging Nest Chairs — Teach Them While They're Young!

Even the most energetic children need rest periods to recover from romping or learning. In addition to the positive effects hammocks have on children’s development, our hammocks offer kids a retreat where they can read a book, listen to an exciting show or simply let their minds wander. Parents love it too.

Of course, our children's hammocks meet the highest safety standards and are made of high-quality materials. Our hammocks for children are TÜV certified and have the GS seal for certified safety.

Cotton Hammocks: Wonderfully Soft

Our high-quality cotton and organic cotton hammocks are made using long fiber cotton, ensuring softness and comfort. They remain lint-free, are durable and very easy to care for. All LA SIESTA cotton hammocks feature tearproof edges that are double threaded and reinforced to ensure maximum resistance to tearing from normal use.

Outdoor Hammocks: Weathersafe, Fade-Proof, Colorfast & Fast Drying for Your Backyard, Garden or Patio

LA SIESTA Weather-Resistant Hammocks are specially designed for outdoor use and are guaranteed to meet all your requirements for durability, style, and comfort. Our proprietary HamacTex fabric material is similar to the look and feel of the cotton but is quick drying and exceptionally resistant to mold-, mildew-, and UV-damage. The perfect choice for anyone looking for a low maintenance, hassle-free hammock for their backyard, garden, patio or pool deck. 

How Do You Hang a Hammock (Properly)?

A hammock can be attached in different ways. The classic variant is the knot between two trees. Other mounting options are combinations of mounting on walls, ceilings, and load-bearing beams. For a safe installation, the Universal Rope Set from LA SIESTA is recommended for all variants. Remember to always make sure that your anchor point (regardless of whether it's a tree trunk, tree limb, wall, ceiling, or column/ beam) is load bearing first before attaching a hammock.

The height at which you hang your hammock should be approximately half of the width (distance between both anchor points) when mounting. If the hammock seems too short for the desired location, it can be extended at both ends with a rope.

When attaching a hammock always make sure that it is similar to the shape of a banana or a smile when not in use. This "sag", as it's referred to, is actually what ensures a comfortable laying experience. Spreader bar hammocks are, of course, the one exception. Hammocks with spreader bars should always be tightly fastened.

Unser Holz-Gestell Canoa setzt deine Hängematte perfekt in Szene

Hammock Stand

A hammock with a stand has many advantages: The perfectly coordinated combination beautifies every living room, backyard or pool area, setting the stage for the ultimate relaxation while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic for any interior design style. A hammock with a stand is much more versatile, since it is no longer confined to fixed anchor points or specific areas within your home or backyard.

Stands for hammocks are available in FSC®-certified Scandinavian spruce or in powder-coated steel. All LA SIESTA hammock stands are designed for indoor and outdoor use, are made of high-quality materials, and are easy to maintain. If the stand for the hammock will be moved or disassembled frequently, we recommend a metal hammock stand made of powder-coated. Thanks to the PlugTube system (simply plug tubes together until they snap into place), they can be assembled and disassembled at lightning speed, providing both portability and stability.

Are Hammocks Machine Washable?

As a rule, all LA SIESTA hammocks, hanging chairs, and kids hanging nests - unless otherwise indicated - are machine washable fore easy maintenance and care.

Hammock History: Where Does the Hammock Come From?

The hammock originated with the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and Central and South America. The locals referred to them as the "cradle of the gods". Since the first hammocks were made from the bark of the Hamack tree, it was christened "Hamaca".

Columbus discovered the hammock in 1492 in the Bahamas and brought it to Europe, where it was used and appreciated by seafarers.